Choosing a car for your teen driver is a big deal for both you. In all likelihood, your child is going to have different ideas about what the ideal car is than you do. Because it’s such a big deal, it’s important that you not just choose the first car your child sees and wants. Here are some tips on choosing the right car for your teen driver.

Safety Comes First

Your teen may want to choose a flashy sports car, but sports cars are not very safe, especially with teen drivers who don’t yet have a lot of driving experience. Look for vehicles that have as many safety features as possible and offer good safety ratings.

Economy vehicle

Teen drivers don’t generally think of economy when choosing their first vehicle so you’ll have to. A vehicle known for economy will cost less to operate and less to insure.

New or Used

Any child would love the idea of having a new car, but the cost may be more than you can afford. Buying a newer model used car will give you the safety and technology features found in new models but for less money.


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