The engineering brilliance in an automobile performs many essential functions without calling any attention. When making a turn, the differential system contributes to the performance. It does so by letting the wheels spin at different speeds. While car owners might not know the precise details about how a differential works, they must still take steps to care for the system.

A differential gear system takes torque power from the engine and sends it to the wheels. This process supports the wheels' abilities to spin at the previously noted different speed. Gears, like other parts in a vehicle, could suffer from wear. Getting routine inspections could catch maintenance issues.

Differential systems rely on oil, dubbed differential fluid, for lubrication. Replacing the oil at the suggested mileage might reduce wear on the gears.

Ask the technicians at our Laurel, MD service center about differential maintenance. Ourisman Mitsubishi Laurel wants to assist drivers interested in caring for their vehicles.

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