When our tires encounter more surface water than they can disperse while in motion we run the risk of hydroplaning. This is when the pressure from the front of the wheel forces water under the tire causing separation between the rubber and the road. As a result, we can completely lose traction resulting in the loss of steering, braking and power control. When Laurel drivers find themselves out in the rain they should know how to avoid this dangerous problem.

Make use of Ourisman Mitsubishi Laurel and what they offer you in terms of tire care. Ensure you have regular tire rotations and that you replace them when they are needed to maximize your road grip.

When it starts to rain, be mindful of your driving style, slow down a little and try to avoid large puddles if possible. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles so you do not have to brake hard. Wet conditions are harder to drive in so extra care is needed.


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