Here at OURISMAN MITSUBISHI LAUREL, we know how important it is to regularly detail your car. Drivers in Laurel, MD might find these car detailing tips useful. All of them are used by professional detailers to get the job done right.

Using polish as opposed to wax is a more effective way to remove scratches from your car's finish. You can also use polish more often. Before you apply the polish or wax, remember to clean and treat your car's trim. The molded plastic of the trim doesn't respond well to wax. Wax and polish can also leave a stain on the trim.

If you choose to use wax, a power buffer is helpful with the application. You should not use the buffer to remove the wax, however. This is a job that is still best done by hand. There is no substitute for elbow grease when detailing a car. Hand-detailing is best.

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