What's causing the steering wheel and the seats to vibrate? Perhaps the problem lies in the exhaust system. A rusty exhaust system can manifest these problems. Drivers don't often think about a rusty exhaust, but it happens. So do leaks.

Hissing and popping sounds cast suspicions about a leak in the exhaust system. If strange sounds come from the tailpipe area, be concerned about a leak. A direct inspection of the exhaust system from top to bottom could uncover the location of the leak. The person performing the inspections should possess some knowledge about cars, though. Guessing and inspecting don't usually go well together.

And never overlook "little" problems with your car. Unexpectedly low gas mileage might not be because you have too much stuff in the trunk. The exhaust system may be leaking.

Let the service center at Ourisman Mitsubishi Laurel check out your car. Our crew wants to help you with any maintenance request.

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